We envision a society in which all children receive an excellent education that empowers them to realize their full potential and shape their own future through talent and hard work.


Our mission is to launch a movement of capable, committed, and compassionate leaders who share an understanding of inequity and are working tirelessly inside and outside the nation's classrooms to end its impact on children.


Teach For Bangladesh takes a two-part approach to addressing educational inequity, working to reduce educational disparity in targeted schools and communities while simultaneously building a movement of leaders who will spearhead the macro-level reform needed to reshape our education system and society in the long-run.

In order to build a truly equitable society, we need exceptional leaders who have the knowledge, skills and commitment to bring meaningful, lasting change. We offer a highly selective, rigorous, and internationally-recognized Fellowship for individuals with tremendous leadership potential and an appetite for challenge. We recruit the most promising leaders the country has to offer, cultivate and unleash their talent on a movement to end educational disparity.

The Fellowship is an endeavor in transformation. Fellows spend two years working as full-time teachers embedded in high-need schools, working to transform the educational opportunities available to their students. They work equally hard at the work of self-transformation – building skills, challenging mindsets, and strengthening values. The Fellowship acts as a catalyst for their long-term leadership – spurring them as Alumni to take on the multifaceted challenges that perpetuate systemic inequity.


The TFB Fellowship is a unique, internationally-recognized leadership development program. It is also a fully-paid, full-time commitment for 26 months. Fellows typically manage a workload of 65+ hours per week. This includes instructional time spent in the classroom, as well as time spent on extra tutoring, lesson planning, grading, data entry and analysis, and professional development and training.

Individuals who are admitted into our program through the very rigorous selection process and who successfully complete our intensive pre-service training are then assigned a placement school where they will work for the next two years. All the schools that TFB partners with to place Fellows are run either by the government or various NGOs, and all serve primarily low-income students.

Take a peek into the unique lives of some TFB Fellows:

Sujan Daring

School Placement

We believe that sustainable change comes through collective action. TFB Fellows are placed in low-income primary schools, where they work collaboratively with other teachers, the Headteacher, and any other TFB Fellows placed in that school to drive impact for their students. They also work in close partnership with students’ families and communities.

Fellows work relentlessly to improve students’ academic achievement by employing student-centered and data-driven teaching methodology and best practice. In addition, Fellows work to grow students’ aspirations and their access to opportunities outside the classroom. Importantly, they also work to build strong character traits in their students, such as resilience, optimism, collaboration, etc.

The Support

Teach For Bangladesh provides a unique program of support and coaching before, during and after the two years of the Fellowship, designed to help participants reach their highest potential as leaders inside and outside of the classroom.


Fellow Spotlight

Sakib Bin Nasir
Sakib Bin Nasir

Cohort: 2017
Undergrad: International Islamic University of Malaysia
Graduation Year: 2014
Major: Human Resources Management
Teaching: In a Government Primary School in Lalbagh

Maisha Mowazzaim
Maisha Mowazzaim

Cohort: 2017
Undergrad: Asian University for Women
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Economics
Teaching: In a Government Primary School in Uttara

Mehnaz Tuli
Mehnaz Tuli

Cohort: 2016
Undergrad: Jahangirnagar University
Graduation Year: 2014
Major: Computer Science
Teaching: In a Government Primary School in Badda

Alumni Spotlight

Sakeef Ahsan
Sakeef Ahsan

Cohort: 2015
Before TFB: BBA from Dhaka University
Taught at: A Government Primary School in Mirpur
Now: Associate Director of Operations, GObd
Completing MBA from IBA, Dhaka University

Munia Islam Mozumder
Munia Islam Mozumder

Cohort: 2015
Before TFB: B. Pharm and MA in Governance and Development Studies, Jahangirnagar University
Taught at: A Government Primary School in Mirpur
Now: Setting up and leading one of the first Kumon Centers in Dhaka as a part of a new BRAC initiative

Tanvir Alam
Tanvir Alam

Cohort: 2014
Before TFB: BBA from BRAC University
Taught at: An NGO school in Rayerbazar
Now: Assistant Risk Analyst at the City Bank